Hi there.

My name is


And I'm a front-end web developer.

And a graphic designer.

And an SEO specialist.

Let's just say I really LOVE making functional, purposeful, beautiful things. Via my computer.



"What one programmer can do in one month, two programmers can do in two months." - Fred Brooks

Who am I?


I am 11 year web and graphic designer/deveoper naga trader minimum deposit that is also a mother to 4 amazing children. Taking gorgeous pictures of my little ones, as well as focusing on green initiatives like gardening, local farming, and solar energy are the things of which I am most fascinated. I graduated from college cum laude with Honors in 2005 with a Computer Information Systems degree - and had already developed a deep love for design and marketing. I have self-taught the majority of my coding background, as I graduated with COBOL and HTML experience primarily naga sign up .



About me

I have been developing in waterfall and agile environments for 8+ years naga broker. I started freelancing in 2004 before graduating college with graphic design - primarily logos an business identity and marketing materials. I started my development career a year after graduating as an HTML analyst for an energy trading coporation. I absorbed as much as I could and began taking classes online and building websites for clients on the side. Since then I have become well versed in all sorts of front end and responsive design and development. I began focusing on SEO so that when designing and building websites, I always had best practices and policies for Search Engine Optimization in mind. Design and development cater to two very different sides of my personality - one being more creative and the other very methodical. I absolutely love seeing and using the finish product of my work.


Project Contribution Skills

Excellent Time Management, Self-Starter, Team Player, Committed, Needs Little Oversight, Results-Driven Personality, Incredibly Silly, Excessive Joker, and Detailed Communicator

Application Skills/ Tools

PhotoShop, Illustrator, Fireworks, Balsalmiq, Dreamweaver, ATOM, Command Line, Terminal, Charles, Bugzilla, Git, Subversion, Nodejs, Visual Studio, Gulp, WordPress, Kentico, SharePoint, Drupal, Business Catalyst

Code/Language Skills

HTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3, SaaS, JavaScript, jQuery, JSP, XML, Angular1, Angular2, typeScript, Bootstrap, .NET, Ajax, php, React, React Native, Nodejs, command line, some database scripting (sql)




Career Path
Senior Developer

Turner Broadcasting, Atlanta, Georgia

Senior front-end developer for TBS and TNT Drama websites with current focus on new development features and maintainence. Working in PHP/Drupal environments using Git and Docker, focus on rebuilding site sections into modular React components. Agile environment with 2 week sprint/release cycles. (Previously sole front-end developer for TCM Java/JSP website.)

UX/UI Designer

IMS Global Consortium, (100% remote)

Designed all UI/UX for brand new nonprofit 1EdTech application, based on Word doc information and data repositories . Created a friendly user interface for a highly complex process for school districts to compare their student/school data with models that the application allows vendors to make for their products. The application’s design met Disability and Accessibility standards of over 93%, and first set of designs were completed ahead of schedule and approved up to a month prior to targeted dates. UI/UX has been exceptionally well received amoung school districts.

UX/UI Designer & Developer/ Graphic Designer

Reveille Software, (100% remote)

Completely redesigned new Reveille 8 analytics dashboard - from a strict table layout to a bootstrap enabled, mobile friendly product. Delivered wireframes, mocked designs and then built each page of the dashboard in HTML5 / Bootstrap 4.6 using Ignite UI / Go.js for graphs and data display. Also designed marketing materials, graphics, trade show booth designs, and style guides to help convey product information and relevance while maintaining new design consistency.

Graphic Designer / Front End Interactive Developer

Ryder Fleet Products, Lawrenceville, Georgia (95% Remote)

For the first year, worked primarily on all major graphic design and Search Engine Optimization of www.ryderfleetproducts.com; by July 2015, website E-commerce surpassed $1,000,000.00 in sales per month. In year two, I began the total UI overhaul of the website to an optimized responsive website that supported IE8. I designed, developed, implemented, tested, and optimized the entire E-Commerce website. Re-contracted in 2017 to design and build a similar E-Commerce product for Fleetguard Cummins, a supplier.

2013-2016, 2017-2018
Front End Interactive Developer

PureRed Integrated Marketing,Stone Mountain, Georgia

Served as lead front-end developer for several major clients for agency firm, including Dollar General and Dollar General Racing, Duane Reade, Rexall, and Rohl. I managed email campaign development, and redeveloped several Dollar General website redesigns.

HR Web Designer/Developer

Southern Company/Georgia Power, Atlanta Georgia

Responsible for conceptualizing and building websites for business groups supported by Human Resources, by marrying user-defined standards and personal creative abilities. Provided timely support for the internal website updates, new build outs, and changes.

HTML Analyst

Mirant Coporation, Atlanta Georgia

Provided timely support for the internal and external websites of a major energy trading corporation, serving as primary point of contact between users and development team. Gather user needs and requirements and recommend ways to improve systems, page layout, and content.

Alabama State University

Graduated cum laude with an Honors Bachelors of Science degree in Computer Information Systems.



Many more samples available on my LinkedIn Profile.


I am available for small project freelance work, and am looking for off-site long term contracts for the next 2 years, either directly for companies or agencies.


Dont hesitate to contact me for any proect interests or job opportunities.

I usually respond within 24 hours.

  • 770-337-3229

  • graphicallychallenged@gmail.com