Responsive Analytics Application

Branding / Corporate / Graphic Design / Responsive Analytic Application Redesign


Revielle is an analytics product that offers their business customers rich data through deep insight of their technological ecosystem monitoring - with implications in security and user behavior context. They had so much excellent data, but their application was designed in older, table layouts that weren't responsive and just didn't show the data in a way that made their users exicted to understand and consume it. They wanted to change this with the release of the new Reveille 8 Product.

I was provided with the technology toolset which included several charting libraries like go.js, and based on the available graphical data representations possible, I provided mockups for a fresh new look for the entire dashboard - with a total UI and navigation refresh with colored sections, icons, and cleaner graphs and data tables.

After getting all approvals on design, I built out the outer shell and then the inner sections, a page at a time, using HTML5 , Bootstrap 4.6 , Ignite UI and Go.js. I provided the code via git to their senior developer, who took my code placed it in the product with necessary back-end updates.

Below are screenshots from various sections of the final product.


    Launched May 2017

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