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Theami Montessori is a Montessori school in Stockbridge, Georgia that is a true, genuine Montessori experience.

Theami's website was hard to manage and not very appealing. The school wanted to stand out and really make a statement about their quality of instruction and the authenticity of their program. Being able to manage and update was important, as well as having the possibility of communicating strictly with parents via a portal.

I found a decent template to base the site off of for a quick turnaround, and customized it to the look and feel of Theami Montessori. I designed the custom home slider sequence to match the Montessori classroom specifically, along with characters dressed in Montessori uniforms.

I decided to use Wordpress with the new site so that owner could easily make updates and there were several plugins available to help with the school managemement/parent portal side of things that made the school's life much easier.


    Launched December 2017

  •    Client:

    Theami Montessori School

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