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Triton Holdings is an upscale real estate investment firm that rehabs houses in historic, sought-out neighborhoods with advanced and modern updates. They have a crowdfunding model and wanted a new website that would support their business.

I updated Triton from Wix to Wordpress and found some solid Wordpress templates and plugins that I could customize and change to fit our specifications for a few week turn around.

Using WooCommerce email templates that I customized to include contracts and a crowdfunding plugin that I repurposed for the properties, I was able to get everything up and running fairly quickly.

Triton now has a clear, concise way to share with potential investors what properties they have available, the percentage already raised, and allows them to initiate an investment contract to take part in a property they would like to fund. Trition Holdings is very happy with the outcome.


    Launched July 2018

  •    Client:

    Triton Holdings Real Estate Firm